At Tank Services, we offer our customers coating applications for all areas of industrial and commercial corrosion protection. We are a mid-sized company, which has been in business since 1974. The company began during the Ohio oil-field boom by sandblasting and painting oil well tank batteries and pump jacks. We offer many types of coating applications.

ATMOSPHERIC cOATING Services Our atmospheric coating services helps customers control atmosphere corrosion. For 35 years we have been protecting equipment and property throughout the Northeast Region. With our mobile equipment, we are able to move in and out of your locations leaving behind a coating system that will protect your assets for many years. We protect Tank Batteries, Compressor Stations, Buildings, Piping, Vaults, Bridge Crossings and anything that will corrode. We employ NACE Inspectors and are DOT Operator Qualified through Veriforce, MEA(EnergyU), and NCCER(ISNetworld).

RecoaT SERVICES Our Recoat services offer complete corrosion control including Ground Beds, Close Integral Survey, SCC and Anomaly Digs, Disbonded Coating Removal, Surface Preparation, Hot and Cold Wax Coating Systems and Plural Component Spray applied Epoxy Coatings. We provide excavation, remediation and site reclamation. We employ NACE inspectors and are DOT operator qualified through Veriforce, MEA(EnergyU), and NCCER(ISNetworld).

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